The Bushel Box Co. established in 2012 sells wooden, handmade, hand-painted, personalised boxes, crates and trays designed to add a rustic touch to your home, garden, occasion, shop, bar, restaurant or corporate event. All crates are handmade in Australia. Highly functional, and in variety of sizes, shapes and colours, our crates can be personalised to make a long-lasting gift. 

Our crates make excellent stand-alone storage units. For that industrial or rustic touch add stacked crates as display units, or hang them to make funky shelving. They are popular as toy boxes for kids, wine storage for parents, as funky recycling and newspaper storage, or as eye-catching additions in courtyards.

For the business, consider them for eye-catching point of sale units, for window displays, as unique corporate gifts, or for magnificent trade fair displays.

Where does The Bushel Box name come from?

The bushel box, also known as an apple crate, got its name as the bushel was a traditional measure or quantity for farm produce. Used extensively by fruit growers, the bushel box was particularly used for apple, pear and plum harvesting and freight during the mid 20th century, primarily due to its sturdy structure and because air would circulate through the slats of wood, keeping the fruit in  optimum condition before sale. 

The farmers printed their names on the wooden apple crates and charged four shillings per crate which was refundable upon return. By marking and charging, the farmers hoped the apple crates would be returned and reused. With the advent of large supermarkets the apple crates were replaced by plastic crates as they were cheaper and more resilient. Now, the rustic appeal of the apple crate is  highly popular amongst collectors. Although some apple crates can date back to the 1930's these are extremely rare today and are highly sought after by collectors and stylists.

The Bushel Box Co. was established in 2012 by Claire Davey. After more than ten years as a lifestyle editor and journalist for leading women’s magazines including Instyle Australia and Grazia UK, Claire decided to apply her love of furniture and homewares to the online business world. “As a mum I’m constantly looking for storage and was so fed up of plastic. I’m a huge fan of rustic and vintage pieces and the industrial style and I hope the colour palette of our collection of painted boxes delivers that feel.”


Having worked closely with Claire Davey of The Bushel Box Co. for the past six years The Wooden Box Factory is very excited to announce that we are now the new custodians of this business.

We look forward to continuing the traditions of The Bushel Box Co.

- The Wooden Box Factory Team